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Best Albany Wedding DJ, Wedding DJ, Wedding Entertainer, DJ Zac Barr, Expert

Are You Excited and Ready to Make Your Celebration AMAZING?

Call for a Consultation: 518.860.3907

Email: [email protected]

About DJ Zac Barr and Team

DJ Zac Barr, Wedding, Celebration, Beach Wedding

I am DJ Zac Barr and I have been entertaining people in the Greater Capital region for over 25 years now.

I am married to an amazing woman who waited SIXTEEN years for me to finally propose, and we've now been married just about four years! Between us, we have 3 daughters and 1 son, and SIX absolutely amazing grandchildren (I HIGHLY recommend grand-kids!!) with one more on the way!

In the photo above, you will find (from left to right), Anne, James, my beautiful wife Jodi, yours truly, Ashley and Chelsea!

Jodi and I love traveling and the beach, and personally, I am a "comfort-foodie!" (That's someone who will drive twenty miles out of their way to get that perfect macaroni and cheese, or a deep-fried hot dog!)

In 1992, I joined forces with another area DJ to form AlterEgo Productions, a DJ/Karaoke company which specialized in offering the very best of Karaoke in the Capital Region, and in 1994 I struck out on my own with the philosophy of providing outstanding Disc Jockey/Entertainment services at a reasonable price, specializing in "family-oriented" entertainment for people of all ages.

Over the years, my style at weddings has evolved into what can best be described as "understated elegance." I strive with every action to ensure that the new Couple is always the focus of the attention.  I think of every one of "my" Couples as my own children, and provide the same level of caring, planning and attention to detail that I would want for my own kids!

I work regularly to improve my craft and skills through networking and continuing education, workshops, one-on-one consultations with some of the area's (and nation's) top DJs as well as regular attendance at industry conventions. I am a proud member and Past Board Member of the ADJA - Adirondack - Albany Region.

I am honored that I have been recognized for 12 consecutive years by Martha Stewart's WeddingWire.com as one of the top 5% of Wedding Entertainers in the nation. I am the ONLY Entertainer in the Capital Region to have won this honor for the first 12 years that it was in existence!  (2020 was kind of a wash, right?)

I work hard to invest myself in the community as well, donating my efforts to the Clever PinSpotters Bowling League (for differently-abled adults) and to the Crossroads Center for Children among others throughout the years. It is a pleasure and honor to donate my time to causes that are close to my heart and the hearts of the community around me.

Allow me to be a part of YOUR Celebration of Love! Call or text me today at (518) 860-3907 or email me at [email protected]. I look forward to hearing from you!

DJ Zac Barr, Gary Carbonneau, Assistant, Associate

Gary Carbonneau

Gary started working Celebrations with me back in 2017, and from the start it seemed as though we'd been working together for years.

Of course, that COULD be because he is my son-in -law, and is Dad to two of my favorite people, my grandson Evan  and granddaughter Mira!  (The fact that he is my Daughter Ashley's loving husband doesn't hurt either!)

Gary is always there to make sure that I am keeping YOUR Celebration right on track, and seems to take a certain pleasure from pointing out things I may have missed (which are far and few between!)  He also provides impeccable timing on Custom Introductions, and helps to make the AudioMazing Love Story possible!

DJ Zac Barr, Disc Jockey, Weddings, Dancing, Hype Man

             Beau Conley

I started working Celebrations with Beau way back in 2016, although we've known each other since we were kids and went to the same Grade School together (Our Lady of Angels, in Albany.)

As time went on, we went our separate ways, but as happens, years later we were destined to work together in the Wedding Entertainment field.

Beau is the owner of Make You Move Ent., and his style of getting out on the dance floor and showing your guests that it is OK to let loose and have fun is a great added element to the Celebrations at which we work together.

He is also there to assist with custom introductions, and of course AudioMazing Love Stories!