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Best Albany Wedding DJ, Wedding DJ, Wedding Entertainer, DJ Zac Barr, Expert

Are You Excited and Ready to Make Your Celebration AMAZING?

Call for a Consultation: 518.860.3907

Email: [email protected]

How is DJ Zac Barr Working to Keep You and Your Guests Healthy and Safe?

First off, I am fully vaccinated against COVID-19.  This is for my protection as well as yours...  It also helps when filling out the paperwork which will be necessary as New York State starts allowing Celebrations and Gatherings again in the coming months!

For now, meetings will be virtual, using Zoom, Teams or FB Messenger.  As more folks get vaccinated, we'll take another look at face-to-face meetings...

We will continue to wear masks during your Celebration, and in particular when we are in any way interacting with you, your family or your guests.

We will be maintaining a 6-foot social distancing "bubble" around the DJ set-up. Again, this is for the health and safety of your family and guests as much as for us.

For Toasts, Blessings and other speeches, up to 4 separate microphones will be available for the use of you and the Wedding Party.  The mics WILL be disinfected between users, and disposable windscreens will also be utilized for each speaker.

Requests, as always, will be gladly accepted.  We will be utilizing a program that will allow guests to make requests remotely from their phones, without downloading any apps onto their phones for complete security!

What are the Current Rules
(How Many People Can be Invited, and Are They Allowed to Dance?)

This is a tough one, and right now, the rules are ANYTHING but clear.  As those of us in the Industry get verifiable information in writing, it will be updated here, and shared with you.  

March 24, 2021:  I promised updates as I get them, and here they are for VENUES outside of NYC (in fact, these rules DO NOT pertain to Albany County at this time):

"On March 22, 2021, the capacity restrictions for in-person, catered events are the lesser of 75% occupancy, OR:
  • WITHOUT testing & other advanced protocols:  100 people indoors or 200 outdoors.
  • WITH testing & other advanced protocols:  150 people indoors.
On April 2, 2021, the capacity restrictions for in-person, catered events are the lesser of 75% occupancy, OR:
  1. WITHOUT testing & other advanced protocols: 100 people indoors or 200 outdoors.
  2. WITH testing & other advanced protocols: 150 people indoors or 500 outdoors."

  • ANY event of MORE than 50 people requires registration of the event with the County, and TESTING.

To date, the regulations for Celebrations/events/parties at private residences have NOT been addressed or changed and remain at 10 people maximum indoors, and 25 people for outdoors.

The rules regarding dancing are even more convoluted, and are something that we will work together with your venue on (It kinda reminds you of "Footloose," right?  Where's Kevin Bacon when you need him?)  Suffice it to say, RIGHT NOW, the bigger the room (or the fewer the guests) the better...

I CAN assure you that Traditional Dances like your First Dance, Father/Daughter and Mother/Son Dances ARE allowed!

Again, as I get more information, it will be posted here,  If you have any question/concerns, please don't hesitate to call me at 518-860-3907!  I'm here to help!

Stay tuned!